English Vinglish – A Fusion Mithailicious Panacea In The City

As we are aware that the journey of sweets around the globe is never ending and the options are boundless, even if you survive a century eating a sweet dish everyday, that would only be a fourth of what this divinity has to offer in terms of pure indulgence. In the midst of this perplexity to indulge with all the sweetness that looks incongruous with the mind to effectuate, Gongour sweets along with the sensational and handsome eminent chef Ranveer Brar have traversed a panacea to the perturb in the form of their newly opened ” ENGLISH VINGLISH”, a stylish dessert boutique.

This place is synonymous to a museum where only the superlative and quintessential artifacts are placed for admiration. I was stumped at the look of this studio even before I could get to their products. Situated in the prime vicinity of Juhu Mumbai, the look of the studio is neat, clean and such excellence, grandeur, and beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. Everything right from the marble at the entrance to their Signage, menu folds, artifacts and the placement of their products has grasped an eye for detail that compels accolades.

Coming to what they have on display to offer, have you ever heard something like Kalakand Cookie, Amarkhand Cheese Cake, Motichoor Parfait, or a makai, dhaniya alsi bread ??? As a pastry chef myself, I was taken by surprise when I first read these names inside their display counters. Being reserved yet sophisticated, i asked for a couple of these unheard delicacies to peruse the ideology behind the fusion. As I gulped the first morsel of motichoor pafait, I was absorbed by the taste, oblivious to the passage of time and everything around me. What a combination !!! Nothing could be better than this amalgamation of Indian sweetness with the European delicacy.. I was then compelled by my soul to try all their specials which definitely I relinquished promising to visit again.

I wished I could meet the genius behind this conceptualization Chef Ranveer Brar, but has he wasn`t around, I met his second in charge chef Hanumanta Dhotre. What is the secret behind these innovations I exclaimed curious to comprehend the abstraction. “Everyday is a day of trial and experiment wherein they produce many combinations out of which seldom something is approved as Chef Ranveer is very stringent when it comes to quality of a product”, he expressed with optimism.  No wonder the outcome is so delectable and mesmerizing.


The best part of this invention is that the entire product line is EGG LESS ( keeping in mind the necessities of people residing in India ). Another feather in the cap is the innovation of Egg-less Macaroons that one can find only in this studio. So, all you sweet lovers who couldn`t get their hands on the much talked about French Macaroons, you can do so now only at this studio.

They have a wide range of savoury preparations as well, that are innovative and a must try with likes of pao bhaji bun, focaccia burger, sweet badam brioche roll, curried masala baguette, tea cakes etc.. Also they have in line a premium range of homemade baklava that has got its traditions right.

I was fortunate enough to visit this place and I will strongly recommend each one of  you reading this blog to visit this studio at least once to experience something that is seldom found and relished. If you happen to visit this place, don`t forget to try their sweet potato and gulab jamun cheese cake, chatpata aam chocolate, kesar pista and badam tea cake to name a few.






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