Dubai Diaries I : Hyatt Regency Creek Heights


Off lately, I headed with my darling wife on a short trip to Dubai to accentuate our togetherness and explore a new country that magnetizes guests from all over the globe. We had an elated opportunity to  stay at the Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Dubai and truly is a moment of elation and pride staying in this magnificent hotel. Rising high to the clouds, this tall structure has some prodigious souvenirs to offer in parameters of hospitality.

This place is simply marvelous because at the outset right from the first step into the hotel until your last step out of it, you will experience the warmth, optimism of feeling, hospitality and cheerfulness throughout your stay. We were there for a night and our stay was truly a day to reminiscent in the years to come.

Because I am a chef, the first thing as I enter any hotel or restaurant, my eyes start pining for food outlets and its lay out. I, like other passionate chefs feel enthralled with the sight of a good set up restaurant and it is usually seen in a good sophisticated hotel. So, as my wife proceeded towards the reception to complete the check in formalities, i slipped through her eyes and landed to their gourmet store that is situated right in front of their reception, in the lobby. It is called MARKET 24.

Another amazing place to spend time at the hyatt regency dubai Creek heights….it is a gourmet store that is collated with a pastry shop dispensing real good stuff….they also serve quick bites from an a la carte menu and have got some good stomach filling options….they also deliver food to nearby offices which is a good optimistic approach….their bakeries and confectioneries are of high quality and carry a visual appeal….they also sell proprietary stuff that is exclusive and impressive…one of my favourite spots and will definitely keep visiting this place often….situated in front of their reception counters in the lobby….its accessibility is within reach which is ideal for a quick stop over…

There was so much to offer that I could easily spend an hour or so detailing everything kept in the outlet but then unfortunately my wife completed the formalities and came hunting for me directly to Market 24 because she knows where to find me whenever we lose track. Reluctant, but she persuaded me to go along with her to the room as she wanted to go shopping…LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE YOU SEE !!!!

After an agony of shopping that crippled me completely, we journeyed our way back to the hotel. It was dinner time and we were ruthlessly tired walking the streets of Dubai, so we went to their coffee shop for a quick supper. Elegantly designed with a mix tradition and contemporary architecture, their coffee shop is called SUFRA ( meaning COME TO THE TABLE ).

For dinner I had ordered for chicken biryani and my wife ordered for a sea food tagliatelle…While we waited for our food to arrive, they served us some hot pita bread with small tagines of olives, zaatar and pickled cucumbers. Pita bread was fresh from the oven and tasted yum. I enjoyed the olives and the pickled cucumbers while my wife freaked on the zaatar and we landed up fighting for the pita bread. That`s because both of us were super hungry and sleepy at the same time. Our meal finally arrived. But alas, Biryani was not the typical Indian style biryani because it had loads of raisins and cashew nuts…..Though it tasted quite nice and sea food tagliatelle was amazing….

Next morning, we tried their breakfast spread and I couldn’t get over it….just amazing spread…they have a plethora of delicacies to relish…their ambiance and atmosphere is all inviting and brightens up your mind and heart….a place one must visit to experience true hospitality and good food…

Their service personnel are thorough professionals and are very hospitable wearing a smile on them throughout their presence. The staff at the front office were also a replica of their colleagues in the restaurant.

There was only a moment of torment as my wife didn’t allow me to go the gym because AGAIN she wanted to go for shopping right after breakfast because we had a flight to catch in the evening. But then, her smile superseded my urge to go the gym and we went roaming the streets of Dubai. She says she loves me even if I get more healthier….You know what I mean by more healthier, right ???


Overall it was a memorable and a superlative stay and will be one of a finest memories to cherish for a long time, with the love of my life. Do visit their club lounge and spa adjoining the fitness center. That`s a place you call a real stress buster.




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