A Review On Pluck Restaurant, Pullman Aerocity – A Synthesis of Culinary Customs & Nouvelle Cuisine.

Chef Nitin Bajaj – The Man Behind The Success Of PLUCK.

Even Before I begin writing my views about this restaurant in totality, I would like to get you acquainted to the man who is a quintessential parameter of passion when it comes to cuisine ( right from procuring raw materials till it is served on the diner`s table ), who is impatient and aggressively restless when even a minute detailing is ignored, gifted with an unique quality of combining ingredients to conceptualize masterpieces and who beautifies your dining experiences with his creativity and ideology. The man whom the world calls – CHEF NITIN BAJAJ.

I am actually smitten by this amazing personality and as you read and visualize my blog, you would comprehend and justify my affinity. I visited this place few days back and was spell bound when I stepped into the restaurant and tasted their food. I met this amazing chef and I can proudly quote him as ” Ferran Adria Of India / Gordon Ramsay Of India ” specially after tasting the freshness in his delicacies and gazing at his plate presentations and ingredient pairing methodology. I was invited to this restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience and I must truly say that it has indeed been an experience to reminiscent.

PLUCK, is the latest addition to the best restaurants in Delhi and is situated in Hotel Pullman Aerocity, New Delhi. The concept of this restaurant is FARM TO FORK DINING EXPERIENCE. The decor and ambience of the restaurant is refreshing, enveloping the warmth to make you feel special and the same is replicated in their food offerings which will leave you in awe and admiration. The restaurant focuses on a modern style of cookery that avoids rich, heavy foods and emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients and the presentation of the dishes.

As I sat down, the first dish that was served to me was an elegant art of morsel that had mushroom foam and dried mushroom slivers rested on a piece of lavash, was truly awesome and probably the best I had in the restaurant.

Next I had something that was completely innovative and a thorough masterpiece. BEETROOT RISSOTTO….but the name will disguise you because what was in front of me was completely in contradiction to the name in its literal sense. However, when I tasted the dish, it was light and mesmerizing. I am truly amazed at the way this chef plans, pairs and executes his dishes with finesse and elegance.

Next was something unique – GOLGAPPA AND CAVIAR..Truly extraordinary and extravagantly beautiful. Crisp flour shells with tzatziki cream, ginger gastrique and tamarind and chilly water caviar. The description itself will give you goosebumps in your stomach.

I had just started feeling special and pleasurable with such artistic creation when suddenly I was head over heels as I saw my next course. It was time for the soup and out of the options listed in the menu, I had opted for LOBSTER BISQUE. The presentation and taste of the dish both were an epitome of excellence.


Before the mains, I was offered a palate cleanser in the form of a granita. Frozen melon balls enveloped with Jaljeera Ice. It was really refreshing and the frozen water melon balls aggregated to a burst of flavors that really enhanced the dish entirely.



For Desserts, I had White Chocolate – Gulkand Roll. This was the only weak dish out of all the delicacies I had, weak in texture and taste but the presentation compelled me to have more than two spoons of it.

Overall, It was an ultimate dining experience and will definitely visit this place again not to eat as such but to see how they design every plate and the garner accolades. As a chef, I genuinely feel proud and elated when a chef`s hard work is appreciated and compensated with accolades and eulogy. Chef Nitin is a genious and an expert in what he is crafting at this restaurant and truly deserves to be a celebrity chef in futurity. Not to forget his entire kitchen team who supports him in his endeavor. Kitchen team of Pluck, Pullman ROCKS !!!




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