A Review On Farzi Cafe -A connotation of optimism

Few days back I was sitting on my so called Executive Chef`s chair and was trying to accede my inertia when suddenly I was engulfed with an idea to go and try out some really good food and gain some more knowledge about cuisine differences and habituation. After a long wait and search for some good restaurant around my vicinity and relinquishing to the many advises that our hypothetical god – Google baba had to offer, my friend Sudhanshu suggested that we should try the food at this so called Farzi Cafe. At the outset, the name sounded very hilarious and I was skeptical and hesitant to approach this outlet but because he insisted, his conviction superseded my  reluctance.


We reached Connaught Place where this restaurant was situated at around 09.30pm.  Trust me, my first step into this restaurant changed my perception of this outlet and the feeling has been lingering me till today. The restaurant was packed and that too on a weekday…..Gosh !!! that was a little too much to consume. When I entered the restaurant, I held my friend`s hand and said – THANK YOU !!! ( even before I could taste their food because I felt an intuition that this place definitely dishes out some of the best food. ) Everything that you experience right from your first step in to the restaurant to your last step out of it, is so artistically and beautifully scripted as one of the award winning movies in Hollywood.I was actually amazed at the ambience, the way the restaurant is accessorized and beautified with the many classic props, the scintillating dim bulbs which compels you to revive your mood in optimism, the crisp and detailed uniform and attentiveness of the service staff to the passion and creativity of the chefs which beautifies your dining table and leaves you in awe and admiration.


The first page of the menu itself gave me the confirmation that i am in the right place and that stimulated my appetite. We started off with a drink called Farzi OK ( Orange juice with kaffir leaves and fresh orange segments ) which saddened me because they had used canned orange juice rather than fresh orange juice. Then we ordered for another mocktail that was infused with green apples with mint foam. To start off our dining experience, we ordered two starters – Tandoori Soya Chaap and Salli Boti With Thepia Wraps. While The Soya chaap was tough, the other starter was outstanding. Perfectly displayed through the dish and special accolades to the chef for such an amazing presentation.


We then gulped down few more vivers such as Galouti Burger and Tandoori Gucchi Rissotto with Parmesan papad before I got a call from the hotel and so had to rush back.


Some of their dishes were average but it happens in every other restaurant and so is not a matter of concern because it is my perception…May be what i didn`t like, someone on the other table must have loved it. So no regrets and the team is doing a wonderful job.
Innovative and out of the box presentation of food is the main highlight of the restaurant and quick service that is seldom seen these days aggregates to your overall reminiscence.
Food and drinks were par excellence and I would definitely visit this place again to enliven their friendly and genuine warmth of hospitality.
If you happen to visit the place which I suggest you should, Watch out for a service personnel named DIPEN, he is truly awesome. His service is clean and quick and will make you comfortable at all levels of your meal.




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