Tamatar Kuliya Ki Chaat

In this journey of delving to comprehend the oblivious yet scintillating recipes of the primeval era, I came across this recipe that has a hysterical name but the taste is exceptional and moreish. The name of this beautiful masterpiece is Tamatar Kuliya Ka Chaat and my justification for this clepe would resonate as you  read through the blog and the recipe.

As we all know that Northern India has a rich tradition of sumptuous chaats and street side food such as Gol Gappe, Dahi Bhalla Chaat, Pao Bhaji, Chole Kulche to name a few. But hiding amongst these vivers is a charming  and notorious exemplar that is seldom found outside its vicinity of origin.


Tamatar Kuliya Ki Chaat or Tamatar Ke Khulle is one such recipe that you should try before going on a sabbatical for food or the so called diet food. Very earthy, homely, rich with a burst of flavors that will rip your sensory organs with titillation and astonishment.

I was also in-cognizant of this delicacy until I started my journey as an executive chef in Delhi where i was flushed with a plethora and epitome of recipes and traditions that assisted to work in contrivance.


( Recipe Courtesy – Sunil Kumar )

Tomatoes                         02 nos

( for the stuffing )

Paneer                                50 gms

Dry Fruits                          20 gms

Chopped Corriander       5   gms

Green Chillies                   2  nos

Chopped Onions              20 gms

Chaat Masala                       5 gms

Chopped Ginger                 5 gms

Salt                                         to taste

For The Batter :-

Gran Flour                           100 gms

Water                                     50   ml

Salt                                          to taste

Method :-

Scoop the flesh of the tomotoes and keep aside. Shred the paneer and mix all the ingredients together. Stuff it in the tomatoes.

Dip the whole stuffed tomatoes into the batter and deep fry until lightly browned.


For The Tadka :-

Chopped Onion                        15 gms

Whole Cumin Seeds                  5 gms

Chopped Green Chillies           1 no

Chaat Masala                               5 gms

Red Chilly Powder                      2 gms

Chopped Corriander                10 gms

Desi Ghee                                      5 gms

Method :-

Heat the ghee in the pan. Add the whole jeera and saute for sometime. Add in the chopped onions and sweat until translucent. Cut the fried kuliya into quarters and add it to the mixture and cook for a minute. Add the chaat masala and the red chilly powder and toss the entire thing over the flame for a minute. Finish with chopped corriander leaves.


Serve this amazing chaat with sweet tangy tamarind chutney and fresh corriander chutney.

Sunil Kumar In His Kitchen At Radisson Blu Kaushambi Delhi N C R
Trust me this is an unusual recipe that will purloin for you the happiness of that moment and make it an euphoric reminiscence. Never heard of and never tasted this beauty until I encountered this gem of a person. Hats off to the rich culinary gastronomical tradition of our beautiful country – INDIA.


Secret Tips From The Chef`s Kitchen –

Use a bit of cooking soda when making a batter to make it crispy.

One can use a bit of fennel seeds or powder to enhance the flavour of the chaat.

Serve this delicacy hot or at least warm to get enticed with the taste in originality.

Tomatoes should be fresh and of thin skin and should be juicy.

Do not brown the onion when giving it a tadka. It will spoil the taste.

This dish will taste good with dry fruits like raisins and black currants.







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